Breast Milk Lollies & Ice Cream

Benefits of Breastfeeding Feb 3, 2021

The Breast Milk Lollies!

Pure Breast milk that is made into special lollies and ice-cream for infants and toddlers.

Not only are these wonderful little inventions meant to fulfill the need for nutrition, but they also end up being very useful for teething.

So, How Are These Good for Your Child?

  • To add variety to your baby’s diet.
  • Kids always love to snack on ice-creams and colder treats.
  • You can compensate for the time when you are away and can’t breastfeed.
  • As the kids bite into these delicious snacks, they seem to get immediate relief from the pain they have when teething.
  • Breast milk will boost your child's immune system.

Make Your Own Ice Treats!

If you are the typical hands-on mother, you can go on and buy those molds and make your own lollies at home. As a tip, use a teether instead of the ice-cream stick, so even when the teet has been polished off, the teether remains!

They are easy to make - pour the breast milk into the lolly containers and freeze.

Breast Milk Lollies With a Difference

Before freezing your breast milk lollies, you can add some soft fruits such as strawberries or peaches. This is for those babies over 4 months old.

Homemade Breast Milk Ice-Cream

Ingredients for ice cream

- Take 1 cup breast milk

Freezing method items

- 5 cups crushed ice, 75ml salt, 2 containers or two zip lock packets


• Put the breast milk into the smaller container or packet. (do not put any salt into the breast milk, the salt is for the freezing)

• Seal the container/packet, tightly and put it in the larger one. Fill the large one with crushed ice and sprinkle some salt all over on the top of the ice to keep the temperature.

• Now, shake the container or massage the packet until the ice cream sets.

• Freeze to set completely.

Enjoy watching your little ones munch down!

By Jasmin Pannu

Breast Milk Lollies

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"I am crazy about this idea! My Twincesses are now 19 months old and since we live in a hot area, they just love snacking on anything cold.

Breastfeeding twins means that I don't usually have much left to express, but I've created my own "recipe," which works well. I express as much as I can after not feeding them from one side for an afternoon and then I add Chamomile tea and some full cream yogurt to make up enough to fill an ice tray.

I've also bought more cheap Gummies (teethers that look like dummies) which don't pull out of the ice as easily as a smooth dummy does.

As soon as I open the freezer door to take out the lollies, they all go crazy! Even my 5 yr old son enjoys it, although I don't tell him there is breast milk in them, otherwise he wouldn't eat it. Hehe, sneaky mommy (",)"


Tracy Behr

A homeschooling mother of two, breastfeeding helper, and lover of all things natural!

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