Breastfeeding Headache

Interesting Feb 05, 2021

A breastfeeding headache is more common than you would think. There are ways to rectify, prevent and at least make it a bit more bearable.

If you suffer from constant migraine headaches, you should see your doctor. Let your doc know that you are breastfeeding.

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What Can Cause a Breastfeeding Headache?

  • Stress and noise.
  • Discontinued use of medications.
  • Weaning too rapidly.
  • PPD (depression) can cause a nursing headache.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Blood pressure problems.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Dehydration.
  • Allergies.
  • Hormonal changes (discussed below).

When Hormones Cause Breastfeeding Headaches

* Estrogen and headaches: Estrogen is the hormone that can affect a mother more when:

  • She has her monthly period.
  • She is taking an oral contraceptive pill.
  • She has a lower level of estrogen after childbirth.
  • She is on hormone replacement therapy.

* Oxytocin headache: The release of the hormone Oxytocin, can also trigger a migraine

  • This hormone is released during the let down of milk and can also cause nausea during breastfeeding. This type of lactation headache will usually subside after a few minutes of breastfeeding.

* Plasma vasopressin is a hormone that is released during breastfeeding, which narrows the blood vessels, therefore, causing a headache.

Treatment for Breastfeeding Headaches

You are doing what is best for you and Baby, by continuing to breastfeed.

The benefits of breastfeeding.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding


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