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Breastfeeding with Large Nipples

Latching Issues Jan 20, 2021

Have you ever wondered if having large nipples can affect breastfeeding? If you plan on breastfeeding and have very large nipples, it's important to be prepared, as it may be difficult for the baby to latch on. This can lead to sore nipples. In general, a mother's nipples should not be too large to cause issues with breastfeeding

Questions that mothers with large nipples may have:

  • How can I breastfeed successfully with large nipples?
  • What can I do to alleviate sore nipples while breastfeeding?
  • How can I address my infant's refusal to drink from the breast?

Big Nipples and Breastfeeding Guidelines

If you have extremely large nipples, knowing the right way to breastfeed is important. Your baby has the natural ability to feed, unless they have sucking difficulties which could complicate things.

So, what is the right way to breastfeed with large nipples?

It's important to follow proper techniques to ensure a successful and comfortable feeding experience for both you and your baby.

• To hold your breast while breastfeeding, use a "U" hold (as shown in the picture). Place your thumb or forefinger on top of the breast and the other fingers underneath. Avoid touching the areola. This technique is particularly effective for women with large, puffy nipples and heavy breasts.

Holding baby’s hand
Holding baby's hand - Photo by Aditya Romansa / Unsplash

• Some mothers with large nipples find it helpful to breastfeed while lying down. The football hold or lying down position can be effective for breastfeeding in these cases.

• If you are experiencing soreness while breastfeeding, try expressing some milk after feeding and gently spreading it over the areola and nipple. This can provide immediate relief for cracked nipples.

• Sore nipples due to breastfeeding can be remedied best with a pure lanolin cream.

• For women with very large or long nipples, squishing the nipple down can make it easier for the baby to latch on during breastfeeding.

• If you are having difficulty getting your baby to latch on, you may want to try using a nipple shield. Some mothers have found this to be helpful in facilitating breastfeeding.

• For those mothers who want to stop breastfeeding, you can continue to give your baby breast milk by pumping exclusively.

• More information about breastfeeding with large breasts.

If you are a mother with large nipples experiencing difficulties while breastfeeding, it's important to remember that patience and knowledge are key. Make sure you have all the necessary information and consider seeking advice from experienced women to improve your breastfeeding experience. With the right approach, you can have a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

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Tracy Behr

Mom of two, breastfeeding helper, and lover of all things natural! Studying a breastfeeding counselor course via Childbirth int. & plant-based nutrition via the Nutrition Inst.

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