6 Ways to Prevent Sagging - Your Breasts After Breastfeeding

Interesting Oct 14, 2021

Will Breastfeeding Cause Sagging?

Breasts will deflate quite a lot post-weaning as the milk glands return to their original state, but after this, your body automatically starts filling them up with fat cells again. It takes about six months for the fat to deposit itself.

Some moms are blessed and find no changes in their breasts after breastfeeding and pregnancy. Unfortunately, we can’t all be that lucky!

Many women mistakenly attribute the changes and their sagging breasts to breastfeeding, and as a result, some are reluctant to nurse their infants. Research shows that breastfeeding is not the factor that many thought it was. Rinker concluded that "Expectant mothers should be reassured that nursing does not appear to have an adverse effect upon breast appearance.
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What Causes Saggy Breasts Post Breastfeeding?

  • If you lose a lot of weight during lactation, it’s more likely that your breasts will contain fewer fat cells, making them look smaller and less firm.
  • Pregnancy has been found to change the shape and size of a woman’s breasts more than nursing because of the hormones involved. Many mothers have said that their breasts become less full and firm after pregnancy, even when they do not breastfeed. So, blaming it on lactation alone does not make sense.
  • Genetics has a significant role to play. Your skin and its elasticity have a lot to do with it.
  • With time your skin will sag; this is a natural thing we all need to accept. Some mothers breastfeed for three years or more, and you cannot expect your body to stay the same as before.
  • Mothers who smoke cigarettes will always see faster skin sagging than non-smoking mothers.
  • The absence of exercise can also cause a decrease in pectoral muscles, which are needed to assist in the lifting of breasts.
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Six Home Remedies That Prevent or Fix Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding


Breast massage will tighten your skin by increasing blood flow and circulation; this helps keep the skin young, prevents clogged milk ducts, and increases milk supply. Use a massage oil to increase heat and decrease friction while massaging. My massage oil recipe is below.


Keeping your skin hydrated can prevent premature aging. Using a natural moisturizer is always best while nursing. I make my concoction, which I use for my entire body and breasts. I use 100ml of jojoba oil, 100ml black castor oil, 30ml vitamin E oil, and 40 drops of lavender essential oil (you can add more essential oil if you like it stronger). This oil is also great for aging hands and for growing strong nails. Oils are available on Amazon...


You remove dead skin cells and increase new cell turnover when you exfoliate. When done regularly (once per week), you can help tighten and firm your breasts. Body brushing is a great way to exfoliate and increase blood flow.

Stay Hydrated

Loss of elasticity is apparent when someone is dehydrated. If you stay dehydrated for long periods, your skin can lose its overall tightness. Drink enough water daily, and within a couple of weeks, you should see a massive improvement in your skin. Staying hydrated is especially important while nursing.


Exercise helps blood flow to the skin and will assist in preventing excessive premature sagging. Also, the more muscle mass there is, the tighter skin generally becomes. Exercises that fix sagging breasts include plank, pushups, dumbbell chest presses, and more.

Diet and Lifestyle

  • Avoid soap and shampoo containing Sulfates. Sulfates can penetrate the skin and accumulate over time.
  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables daily. Eat enough healthy fats from coconut oil or nuts and seeds.
  • Avoid toxins such as those found in cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs.
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Pain in the Breast After Breastfeeding

If you have pain in your breasts after breastfeeding, you are probably experiencing the engorgement that comes with weaning. Weaning should be a gradual process. Please consult your lactation consultant if you have breast pain after breastfeeding stops.

Breasts After Breastfeeding Comments

Loss of Sensitivity ( by Anonymous)

“I had significant nipple sensitivity before I breastfed my 2nd child. I never nursed my first child and didn’t have this problem.

I don’t understand why this has happened. I was small-busted; I went up two bra sizes once my milk came in. The husband loved it. Me - not so much. After five months, I wasn’t producing enough milk, and my son stopped. I noticed right away that I had less sensitivity in my breasts.”

Breasts after stopping breastfeeding (by Michelle Molesworth)

Don’t despair! I remember a few days after I first gave birth and used an electric pump at the highest setting, and gee, it felt as though I was going to rip my nipple off! I used it for a couple of weeks and then did not use it again until about 2 1/2 months later. I thought the machine was faulty because I could not feel it, even on the highest setting.

About three months after I stopped nursing, I packed things away and tried to pump again out of curiosity. Well, the sensitivity was back!!!!!

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Tracy Behr

Mom of two, breastfeeding helper, and lover of all things natural! Studying a breastfeeding counselor course via Childbirth int. & plant-based nutrition via the Nutrition Inst.

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