Pepto Bismol Breastfeeding Safety

The lactation risk assessment is L2, which means that it is “fairly safe." Even though it is not in the safe category, your baby is not in any real danger. Pepto Bismol is not recommended for long-term use. You can go back to breastfeeding your baby, immediately after taking it.

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Can you take Pepto Bismol while Breastfeeding?

Question: I accidentally took Pepto Bismol while breastfeeding. What now?

Answer: The lactation risk assessment is L2, meaning it is “fairly safe." Even though it is not in the safe category, your baby is not in any real danger. Pepto Bismol is not recommended for long-term use.

How Long After Taking Pepto Bismol Can I Breastfeed?

Question: how long should I wait to breastfeed after taking Pepto Bismol?

Answer: You can go back to breastfeeding your baby immediately after taking it. It is not necessary to pump and dump after taking Pepto Bismol.

How Long Does Pepto Bismol Stay In Your System?

One to two hours. Like aspirin, Pepto Bismol contains salicylates which may be present in breast milk for up to two hours after taking it.

Rye's Syndrome & taking Pepto Bismol while Breastfeeding

Antacids containing Bismuth Subsalicylate, such as Pepto Bismol and Kaopectate, are not recommended to be used regularly. They have been associated with Reye’s syndrome in children.

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What can I take for Diarrhea while Breastfeeding?

What about Imodium while breastfeeding? Antidiarrheal meds containing ‘loperamide,’ such as Imodium, Imodium A-D, Maalox Anti Diarrheal, Pepto Diarrhea Control, and Kaopectate II caplets are considered safe while breastfeeding. What about Tums while breastfeeding?
The calcium and magnesium in antacids like Maalox and Tums are absorbed into your bloodstream, but they won't significantly affect your breast milk.

Natural Remedies that May Help

What to take for an upset stomach while breastfeeding

  • Drink black tea sweetened with honey. The hot water rehydrates, and the tea contains astringent tannins and reduces inflammation in the gut.
  • Ground-up psyllium seeds will soak up any excess fluid in the gut, making the stool less runny. Take one to three tablespoons mixed in water.

What to take for nausea while breastfeeding

  • For nausea, mothers are sometimes advised to take small sips of Coke. Moderate caffeine intake is considered safe unless the baby has shown sensitivity toward it.
  • Peppermint tea is often given to mothers for nausea. Peppermint tea may cause some fussiness in babies only a few weeks old. And large quantities of peppermint tea may decrease milk supply. So drink small amounts and watch your baby for any signs of increased fussiness.
  • Ginger ale or fresh ginger will do wonders for nausea, and it is entirely safe to use while breastfeeding.

Staying hydrated

Whatever you do, make sure to stay well hydrated. Nursing mothers should consume at least eight glasses of water daily. Some need more fluids than others, so drink more than eight glasses if you still feel thirsty. You can make your own natural electrolyte drink. Or drink 1 body armor drink.


  • 1 cup fresh orange juice
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 4 cups of water (filtered or purified) or raw coconut water
  • 4 tbsp organic raw honey
  • 2/8 tsp (3.6g) Himalayan Pink salt