Using Breast Milk - Breast Milk Uses That Will Surprise You!

Interesting Jan 5, 2021

Want to use your extra frozen milk for something useful?

The use of breast milk can benefit your whole household!

We all know about the great benefits of breast milk for the mother and baby, and even the environment, but are there other uses of breast milk?

The answer is yes. Breast milk can be used to cure a few ailments and even help heal particular diseases; it is beneficial for your baby, for you and others, in the following ways:

Using Breast Milk in Lollies / Icy's and even Ice-cream... Get the recipe here.

Breast Milk and Its Many Uses

All of the below uses for breast milk are beneficial to the whole family:

  • Pink eye breast milk treatment: You can put a few drops into your baby’s eyes or any family member suffering from pink eye. The milk will keep the area clean and will initiate healing. You can do this as often as possible. If you notice that your newborn's eyes are sticky or goopy, a little breast milk can clear them. Breast milk is often used for conjunctivitis. Use the breast milk at room temperature or fresh from the breast to avoid shocking your baby with cold milk. Remember, always ask your doctor before using breast milk for eye infections.
  • Eye puffiness or redness. Breast milk is great at removing puffiness and is used just as you would use cow's milk for the same purpose - dab on with some cotton wool.
  • For opening a stuffy nose. Breast milk is natural and a great alternative to medications, which might even make the situation worse. Squirt a few drops into your baby’s nose while they are lying down; use a bulb to suction the excess from the nose gently.
  • Sore throats and mouth sores. Swirling some of the breast milk around in the mouth and even gargling with it can help.
  • Eczema and other skin rashes. Breast milk will keep the skin clean and will prevent flare-ups. Apply a layer of milk to the area and allow it to air dry.
  • Cradle cap. Apply to your baby’s scalp a few times per day.
  • Dry skin. Using breast milk as a moisturizer. You might need to rinse it off afterward as it can get quite sticky.
  • Breast milk diaper rash treatment. Use breast milk to treat and prevent normal nappy rash. Do not use milk on your baby's skin if your baby has a yeast infection.
  • Insect bites. Rub a small amount on the bite to relieve the itching and promote the healing process.
  • Chickenpox. Apply the breast milk onto the skin to relieve itching, just as you would any other ointment.
  • Warts. Apply daily on the wart until it dries up and falls off.
  • Treating sore nipples. Applying some breast milk to your nipples will often heal them faster than any over-the-counter nipple cream. It can also prevent cracking by keeping them supple; this is not advised for mothers with thrush (yeast infections) on the breasts.
  • Immune Boost. Older children can be given a glass of breast milk or more, every day to boost their immune systems and keep them from becoming ill.
  • Ease cold/flu symptoms. Get over your cold quicker with some liquid gold breast milk. Drink as much as you can.
  • Makeup Remover. Breast milk can naturally and easily remove eye make-up and will leave your skin nourished and soft.
  • Skin Cleanser. Breast milk will gently cleanse your skin and can prevent acne due to its antibacterial properties.
  • Contact lens solution. If you find yourself without a saline solution, you can always use a few drops of breast milk. It has incredible moisturizing properties.
  • Chapped, cracked lips. Breast milk can keep your lips moist for quite some time.
  • Donating the extra breast milk. By donating your stored breast milk, you could be saving a sick or premature baby who needs milk.
  • Cuts, scratches, scrapes, and burns/sunburns. Apply to the open wound to disinfect the area. Allow to air dry.
  • Sexual Lubricant. Used the same way you would use any other lubricant like KY Jelly etc. Do not use if you think you might have a yeast infection.
  • Leg ulcers or shingles. Using breast milk for healing. (Testimonials below in comments).
  • Cooking with breast milk. Many mothers have started cooking with their breast milk. It might seem a bit strange, but why not replace cow’s milk with something much more nutritious and healthy? Google - breast milk recipe, and you can find many interesting recipes. Use expressed breast milk in breast milk recipes, just as you would cow’s milk.
  • Breast milk lollies/Icies and breast milk ice cream. These are especially great at reducing a baby's teething pain.
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Using Breast Milk in the Hospitals

This is what some donated breast milk is used for:

  • Renal failure, Cardiac problems, Failure to thrive in infants, Feeding intolerances, Bronchi pulmonary dysplasia, Treating infectious diseases, Treating intractable diarrhea, Gastroenteritis, Pneumonia, and Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis.
  • Post-surgical healing: Omphaloele, Intestinal Obstruction/bowel fistula, and Colostomy Repair.
  • Chemo patients: Breast milk can help calm their stomachs, help with digestion and strengthen the immune system.
  • Burn patients: Breast milk helps heal and protect the skin and prevents infection.
  • Organ transplants: Breast milk helps fight any infections and helps to boost the immune system.


Breast Milk Helped to Heal a Terrible Sunburn
by Marion (Magna, Utah, USA)

"My milk helped to heal a terrible sunburn that was blistering in just a few days."

Re: Breast milk heals sunburn
by Anonymous

"Last year on holidays, even though we used factor 50 on my 9-month-old, she still burnt. I put lots of breast milk on her, and by the morning, it was gone!"

Re: Breast milk and sunburn
by Tracy

"Thank you for sharing this. The Lauric acid found in breast milk is antiviral, antibacterial, healing to tissue, and also contains analgesic properties. Breast milk keeps sunburn clean, prevents infection, and contains unique factors that heal the skin faster. It also takes away the burning sensation!"

Breast Milk on My Babies Eyes and Ears
by Stacey (US)

"I occasionally put breast milk on my baby's eyes and inside the ears. It keeps conjunctivitis away and helps in healing an ear infection.

You can also put it up the nose like you would saline nasal spray, and it will keep the nose clearer longer than the saline would.

For ear infections, I also put a drop of olive leaf oil and a little bit of coconut oil inside the ears. The coconut oil will help break down any wax he may have, and the olive oil, it's also antibacterial.

Ever since I started doing this, my baby has not been on an antibiotic for ear infections. Whereas before, we were going to the doc weekly for a new antibiotic for the ears!

My baby is now eight months old and has had ear infections, but they don't last longer than a few hours after I put breast milk in her ears.

Also, if the baby is congested, you can put a humidifier in the room with 1/2cup of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in it. ACV is one of the fastest ways to break down mucus and fight the flu, colds, and allergies."

Cradle Cap Cure!
by Sally

"I just squirted a bit of milk on my baby's head every time she ate. The cradle cap was gone in 3 days. Hasn't been back."

Treatment for Dry or Damaged Hair.
by Sofia Soruco de Rojas (Bolivia)

"Add 20 ml or so to any hair cream you would usually use (20ml for the amount you will use at that time). Apply to your hair, comb, use heat if you want, rinse it after 5 minutes or after all night. It's up to you.

The hair looks shiny after this. It also feels soft.

When you rinse it, it will feel a little oily. It won't feel that way when it's dry.

I think there is a difference if you use hindmilk, foremilk, or both, but I'm not sure yet. My two sisters-in-law and I have tried this with great results! I always let them know when my son has left some milk for their hair.

My hair is really hard to comb, so I Use conditioner for this process, and after rinsing it, I apply the conditioner mixed with breast milk.

I hope this helps! The best part? Since it's a supply and demand process, I always have enough milk for my baby and for looking nice!

God bless you!"

Breast Milk Healed My Leg Ulcers
by Lee Leake (Las Vegas, Nevada)

"I have had a continuing problem with leg ulcers for about twenty years. Recently I've had a problem with two leg ulcers for about five months, and after trying all the tricks I've learned over the years with no positive results, I went to a well-known wound clinic about three months ago to see what they could do.

They tried everything they knew, including some kind of skin patches that cost $2000 an application with no positive results. After watching a news show on the benefits of breast milk on healing wounds, I acquired some fresh milk from my daughter, who is breastfeeding my grandson, and figured I'd give it a try.

I saw a positive change in my ulcers in twenty-four hours. On the second day, they started to have a burning sensation as the nerves seemed to wake up.

In two weeks, both ulcers were completely healed. My wound doctor was amazed at the quickness of the healing. The milk I used was always fresh and never frozen.

I will be freezing some milk for future use as I am certain I will have ulcers sometime in the future and will find out then if frozen milk still works its magic."

Breast Milk for Dry Cracked Heels
by Jo (Canada CnCan)

"I had dry, cracked heels. I put breast milk on my heels, and the cracks are gone, and my heels are smooth again! It's awesome!

I also developed a dry eczema patch on my fingers (unsure why), and only breastmilk would help it from stinging, and it finally started healing again!

This stuff is magic! Now to store it for when I am no longer breastfeeding."

Using Breast Milk on Shingles
by Leslie (Washington)

"I currently have shingles. I put my breast milk onto my outbreak.

The skin around the blisters went from bright red to a lighter pink in just a few hours. Also, the burning/itching sensation was dramatically reduced.

I've used breast milk successfully for pink eye and eczema before, so it is no surprise to me that it helped me in this situation!"


Tracy Behr

A homeschooling mother of two, breastfeeding helper, and lover of all things natural!

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