Tushbaby Carrier in Sand

Tushbaby in sand
Tushbaby in Sand

Light yellow sand is associated with intelligence, freshness, and joy.

Tushbaby also has three new colors to choose from...orchid, snow leopard, and tweed.

Tushbaby colors.
Tushbaby colors 2023

Tushbaby is all about bringing fresh ideas to the world of baby carriers. When you check out the growing lineup of colors for Tushbaby carriers, you can't miss the classy vibe of Sand. This vegan leather option combines style and practicality in a way that makes Tushbaby stand out.

Tushbaby in Sand - 15% off
Tushbaby in Sand 15% off

Why Tushbaby in Sand?

Vegan Leather

Opting for Tushbaby Sand means making an ethical choice that provides the same luxurious feel as traditional leather.

Review - Ashley V.- "The best investment I’ve ever made!"


Tushbaby's dedication to long-lasting quality is evident in the Sand version. It is built to endure the demands of daily parenting. Stains, spills, and the wear and tear of everyday life are no challenge for its robust vegan leather construction. Tushbaby in Sand is all set to join you on your adventures.

Easy to Clean

An easy wipe-down is all you need to keep your Tushbaby in Sand carrier clean.

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Why Tushbaby?

Tushbaby stands out for its comfort, functionality, and versatility. It features an ergonomic design, multiple carrying positions, convenient storage options, ease of use, and safety certification. Tushbaby is not only affordable but also offers excellent value for parents seeking a practical and reliable solution to simplify their lives and enhance the parent-child bonding experience. In conclusion, Tushbaby is worth it and becomes an invaluable companion on your parenting journey.


Tushbaby provides a variety of accessories that elevate your babywearing experience. The Snug wrap offers hands-free cuddling, the stylish Pack improves on-the-go storage, and the easy-to-clean vegan leather Changing Pad is both slim and practical.

the snug, cognac and snug
The Snug with the Cognac Tushabby hip Carrier

The Tushbaby carrier is a fantastic option for any parent, regardless of body type. Its adjustable waistband and the Waistband Extender's availability guarantee a customized fit, underlining Tushbaby's commitment to making babywearing inclusive for everyone. The Tushbaby extender is also available in Sand (vegan leather).

Peace of Mind

Safety is the foundation of Tushbaby's design. Endorsed by doctors and certified, it guarantees your baby's safety and comfort while also relieving the strain on your arms and back.

Tushbaby Reviews

tushbaby reviews
Tushbaby Reviews

Happy babywearing!